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Forestille Terms and Conditions 

This is a contract of use of Forestille classes, as drawn up between Forestille leader Alison Yardley and you, the parent / carer of the child/ren attending the class. From this point onward "you" refers to the parent / care of the child/ren attending the class and "Forestille" refers to Alison Yardley, the class leader. 

Forestille will run regardless of the weather, unless the weather is thought to be dangerous. In this instance the class will be cancelled and a replacement class offered in lieu. Classes that are cancelled will be done via text message, with as much warning as possible. 

If you have paid for a class and are not able to attend please let me know as soon as possible so I may offer it to another attendee. Where possible I will offer a replacement class. If someone is able to take your space in the class and you do not wish a replacement class I will offer a refund, at my discretion. 

Forestille classes come with an element of risk. They are held outdoors in an unpredictable environment. Forestille accepts no responsibility for injury or trauma that occurs during a class. 

It is important to dress appropriately for classes. Waterproof gear, sturdy footwear and weather appropriate hats are all suggested. It is your responsibility to provide such clothing for you and your child/ren.

It is also important to wear sun protection and insect repellent where appropriate. Forestille does not provide such protection and accepts no responsibility for carers who do not provide their children with adequate protection. 

Forestille accepts no responsibility for clothing that is damaged during Forestille classes. It is suggested that you wear clothing that is not precious or expensive. 

Classes are charged at £5 for Baby Nature Sense, £6 for Toddling About. Terms run in 10 week blocks and booking a block will result in a 50p per class discount. You do not need to pay for weeks that you know you will not be attending class, as long as this is stated in advance, during booking. Forestille leader Alison will occasionally take holidays and during this time classes will not run. Alison will give us much notice as possible for this and you will not be charged for classes during this period. 

Where space is available older siblings may attend classes. They must be older siblings of a child who is already attending the classes. The cost is £2 per sibling, older or younger. Babes in arms are free, although once they are able to participate in the class they will be charged the £2 per class. There is no block booking discount for siblings. Childminders with children from different families will also receive the sibling discount. As will families with twins and multiples. 

It is important that you alert Forestille to any medical conditions, or other information that may affect the running of the class. Food is discouraged during classes, unless there is a valid reason for it. Drinks should be water only, unless there is good reason for an alternative beverage. 

Dogs are adored, but not allowed in the classes, unless they are guide dogs or medical alert dogs (with correct certification). 

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